Using Your Food Storage: Classic Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie combines meat and potatoes with a mixture of vegetables into one casserole that is great, even as a one-dish meal.  But what if you could make this from your food storage—that has a 25-year shelf life?

Using Your Food Storage: Dutch Oven Deep Dish Pizza

Whether you are on a camp out or just eating a fun meal with your family, this Dutch Oven Deep Dish Pizza is a crowd pleaser on any occasion.

Why Nitric Oxide Minimizes Your Risk for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Over 50 million people worldwide are afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia and many more are dealing with mood disorder. Can you do anything to enhance your brain health and boost your chances to avoid some of these very difficult problems?

For those who are fierce advocates for their own health and know they are stewards of their God-given body.

Just Say No to COVID-19?

Can an increase in nitric oxide boost your immune system in its fight to combat the “novel coronavirus”? Studies are beginning to point that direction. We talk about Cardio Miracle so much on Meridian because the Nobel Prize-winning discovery about the wide-ranging...

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The Happiness Muscle

Did you know that laughter has a direct impact on your physical health by lowering blood pressure, increasing healthy blood flow, reducing stress and cortisol levels? It even strengthens the diaphragm?! Perhaps President Nelson’s secret to vibrant physical health is following his own advice to live with joy. Here are some practical tips to get to the “happiness gym” and strengthen your joy today!
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