Prevention is Still the Best Medicine

The headlines and newscasts are filled with fear and dread over the latest possible global virus pandemic. Many of the past warnings and forecasts never actually materialized as promoted, but notwithstanding revisiting the Word of Wisdom is appropriate at this time.

Can You Do Anything More to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus?

We feel almost helpless as the coronavirus sweeps across more than 178 countries in a very short time.  We wash our hands.  We stay inside. Is there anything more we can be doing?

Preventing the Leading Causes of Death in 2020

What are the leading causes of death and are there preventions you can do to stave them off? All of these causes of death are impacted by blood flow and oxygen delivery and the question is what can you do to impact that? As it turns out, there is an answer.

For those who are fierce advocates for their own health and know they are stewards of their God-given body.

The Happiness Muscle

Did you know that laughter has a direct impact on your physical health by lowering blood pressure, increasing healthy blood flow, reducing stress and cortisol levels? It even strengthens the diaphragm?! Perhaps President Nelson’s secret to vibrant physical health is following his own advice to live with joy. Here are some practical tips to get to the “happiness gym” and strengthen your joy today!
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Is Sugar the New Nicotine? 5 Ways to Move Forward

Is putting away sugar after Christmas harder for you than putting away the decorations? The fact that rats will eat the filling of an Oreo first and that it lights up their little brains like heroin in test studies tells us plenty about its power. Learn more about sugar and discover 5 great ways to be free from its claws starting right now!
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The Two Terminal Diseases That Saved My Life

I am a very private person. I’ve never opened up about certain challenges I have had to face—except to a very tight circle of family and friends. I’m not sure I’m ready to be this vulnerable, but I feel compelled to share my personal journey because, after many years of seeking, I finally found something that changed my health.
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How An Innovative Program is Treating Allergies: Q&A

We sat down with Rick Orchard, the Co-Founder of Optimum Allergy Solutions, to ask him about the prevalence of allergies and what his revolutionary allergy test and treatment program is doing to help people overcome the negative and often debilitating effects of allergies. The program is not only groundbreaking, it’s simple, and it works.
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Why Use Essential Oils: Video Tutorials

Jumping into essential oils can be intimidating, but the Young Living Starter Kit can give you all the right tools to start detoxifying your life and reaping the benefits of using 100% pure oils. Here are some videos to tell you a little bit about what to expect when you open your starter kit and some simple ideas to begin implementing oils to improve your every day life.
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