At Meridian Living Well we are constantly searching for ways to bolster, support and improve our own health, the health of our readers and encourage all in becoming fierce advocates of their own health. This article gives some important information about the role of nitric oxide to protect your health. 

We feel almost helpless as the coronavirus sweeps across more than 178 countries in a very short time.  We wash our hands.  We stay inside.  We socially distance ourselves and wait for more news that some remedy or vaccine has been found to combat this invisible killer. Major health institutions are working 24/7 on this significant problem.  It is a daily-evolving, rapidly changing situation.

Though the announcement was made yesterday that the FDA is making anti-malaria drugs available to test as a coronavirus treatment, as yet there are no registered therapies for the treatment of the coronavirus infections.

Is there anything more we can be doing?

As we have documented on Meridian for the past year-and-a-half, scientific studies have given overwhelming and conclusive evidence of the essential nature of nitric oxide in our bodies. Those who have studied nitric oxide know that the body cannot survive without it and that the body slows down its production of it every decade of life, so that by the time one reaches 80 years of age, he is producing about 15% of what he produced at 20.

Those of us who are over 60 and are more vulnerable to the coronavirus would do well to do everything we can to bolster our immune systems and take Cardio Miracle to stimulate the production of nitric oxide in our bodies.

A well-documented, scientific article was just published (read it by CLICKING HERE) that explains some things about the virus that most of us don’t know and point to an interesting fact that can help us boost our own body’s protection.

Here are some of the major points of interest from that article.

  1. The coronavirus that we are now fighting and causes COVID-19 is related to the coronavirus that caused SARS in 2003, but is 1,000 times more infectious. There is a reason for that.
  2. This new virus that causes COVID-19 is still a SARS virus. It is called SARS-CoV-2.
  3. The SARS virus attaches itself in a body’s cells through what is called a spike protein, which fuses the viral and host cell membranes. When the attachment is complete, the infection process begins. You might think of it like a Velcro attachment. Most vaccines and antivirals target the spike proteins because they play such a key role in the infection process. “Pharmaceutical giants, biotech companies and vaccine developers such as Gilead, Moderna and Novavax, as well as researchers and specialists are all racing against time to develop vaccines and antiviral drugs that target the spike protein.”
  4. The spike protein on COVID-19 is different than the SARS 2003 because it has what is called a furin cleavage site. All you need to remember here is that it renders it more infectious.
  5. “After the SARS outbreak was completely contained in late 2003, scientists continued their research efforts on this coronavirus because no effective vaccine nor drug treatment could be developed for this corona virus. “ They have done considerable research. “What these scientists found may surprise you.”

  6. “Nitric oxide, is actually an extremely effective antiviral against the SARS-CoV coronavirus.” Nitric oxide is often called the “miracle molecule” in the body because it allows your cells to absorb more oxygen. The Nobel Prize discovery of the wide-range effect that nitric oxide has on the health of the body is one of the greatest discoveries of the last century. It affects every bodily process, and now is also shown to be important as an anti-viral for SARS.
  7. Nitric oxide may be even more important to combat the SARS that causes COVID 19 because furins in the body (which cause the furin cleavage) are enhanced when the body is deprived of adequate oxygen at the tissue level.

The article we reference above notes, “Oxidative stress, hypoxia [inadequate oxygen at the tissue level] and nitric oxide dysregulation all play important roles in the pathology of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory diseases and especially cancer. The deep relationship between nitric oxide synthesis and hypoxia explains why this molecule plays an essential role in COVID-19 disease progression.”

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