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What are the leading causes of death and are there preventions you can do to stave them off? Here are the statistics from both 2015 and 2017.

Heart disease 24% 638,842 614,348
Cancer 22% 595,930 591,699
Chronic Respiratory Disease, COPD, CLRD 6% 155,041 147,101
Accidents 5% 146,571 136,053
Stroke 5% 140,323 136,053
Alzheimer’s 4%


110,561 93,541
Diabetes NA 79,535 76,488
Influenza NA 57,062 55,227
Nephritis, Kidney diseases NA 49,959 48,146
Suicide (self-inflicted injuries) NA 44,193 42,773

All of these causes of death (even suicide) are impacted by blood flow and oxygen delivery and the question is, what can you do to impact that? As it turns out, there is an answer.

What is Nitric Oxide and Why is it So Important?

Nitric Oxide is known as the “miracle molecule” for its role in preserving health, repairing damage and triggering critical processes in the body that sustain health.

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a gas that is naturally produced in the vascular walls of your body. The walls of the vascular system (known as the endothelium) is just the one hair thick and it’s responsible for keeping your vascular system protected and to produce, life-saving, nitric oxide.

The body cannot function without nitric oxide. This cell signaling molecule is responsible for key processes critical to maintaining life.

While this gas flows through the bloodstream, it relaxes blood vessels, arteries and capillaries which improves blood flow.

More blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the body’s tissue and vital organs. Proper levels of nitric oxide not only improve circulation, it decreases inflammation throughout the body.

Nitric oxide research was pioneered by Louis J. Ignarro, Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, UCLA School of Medicine and two colleagues. Their discovery was so profound they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. It was scientific circles that dubbed nitric oxide the “miracle molecule.”

According to Dr. Ignarro’s research, nitric oxide helps to repair arterial damage and keep it free from calcification and plaque formations, preventing the narrowing of the blood vessels. This means it has the potential to reverse coronary arterial disease which leads to heart disease/heart attacks. Cardio arterial disease is also known as atherosclerosis.

Lower nitric oxide means decreased blood circulation, hardening of arteries which lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of a cardiac event, and less energy.

The Safest Answer to Preventing and Correcting Arterial Damage is Found in Nature, Not Pharmaceuticals

The good news is studies show that the health of the endothelium can be improved.

Cardio Miracle offers the finest supplement to boost nitric oxide production to maximum levels for up to 12 hours. Cardio Miracle helps to prevent and correct the damage to the endothelial lining. This 53+ ingredient rich formula improves the body’s nitric oxide production and blood flow to the heart lowering the risk for heart disease and all the other causes of disease listed above.

How Nitric Oxide Delivered through Cardio Miracle Impacts the Leading Causes of Death

Heart Attack Deaths

Of the over 150,000 studies on the value and influence of nitric oxide in the body, most confirm that virtually all chronic issues have a shortage of nitric oxide and vitamin D3 as contributing factors. As we said, nitric oxide repairs arterial damage and hardening of the arteries, increases blood circulation, helps shed plaque and allows blood flow, and therefore more oxygen, to get to vital organs.

Cancer Deaths

This is the dreaded C word, that sends fear, dismay, and heartbreak across millions of family members each year. Because nitric oxide regulates oxygen and carbon dioxide, it reduces the risk of mutant cells replicating due to excess carbon dioxide. A healthier environment is created for normal cells to replicate instead of abnormal ones.

Nitric oxide also opens up the capillary wall to the cell to receive quality antioxidants, and especially supplemental vitamin D3, which has been clinically proven to attack and eliminate cancerous cells. So, if prevention of the number one and two causes of death concern you, supplemental nitric oxide and adequate delivery of vitamin D 3 should be high on everyone’s priority list.

Chronic Respiratory (COPD)

The deaths from COPD are cardiovascular related through the breakdown of capillary health in the lungs and adjoining oxygen distributing blood and oxygen delivery mechanisms. Nitric oxide has had a dramatic impact on delivering oxygen and healing to those vessels and even small capillaries that are compromised.

Our non-scientific results have seen oxygen absorption increase within days of supplemental nitric oxide. VO 2 Max tests show delivery of up to 25% additional oxygen in training and workouts, and individuals need for supplemental oxygen have decreased in numerous cases.

The nitric oxide research confirms that the peripheral capillary walls, and endothelium are healed in some of its 30 years of clinical study.


Accidents happen. Some are not health related, but many are. Drowsiness, caffeine related impairments and side effects, lack of brain oxygen, heart incidents while driving all contribute to this category. Those not as significant as the top three, many accidents can be averted, and lives saved by elevating nitric oxide.


Stroke is another cardiovascular related cause of death, primarily caused by hardening of the arterial wall, buildup of plaque attempting to repair endothelial damage in the vessel, and unstable plaque becoming dislodged and traveling and causing havoc or death.

Nitric oxide and vitamin D3, have both been clinically proven to assist in healthy vessel walls, elimination naturally of plaque formation, and dilating vessels from constricting, and improving blood viscosity assisting in normal blood flow and unwanted obstructions.


Alzheimer’s is both a living death, and then eventual death. A horrible disease, it is debilitating, emotionally, financially, and physically. Research is also coming out on the necessity of nitric oxide and vitamin D3 for those over 65 years of age, in the aging cycle. There is clinic research showing those developing the cognitively impaired diseases of dementia and Alzheimer’s have significant deficiency of vitamin D3, and inadequate blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Nitric oxide not only increases the flow of blood and oxygen, but it also stimulates the lymphatic system to remove excess toxic waste, metals, proteins, and other cellular debris through the lymph vessels and then eliminates from the body. This is huge new information, that should motivate children for parents and grandparents, and spouses for each other to supplement nitric oxide daily, with therapeutic vitamin D3 to prevent these horrible diseases which everyone  wants to avoid.


Now on the rise, it is estimated that half the population is either pre-diabetic or diabetic or will be in the next decade. Diabetes complications of neuropathy, heart attack, stroke, dementia, macular degeneration, periodontal disease, all go back to the root cause of inflammation of the peripheral vessels, and the damage done.

Diabetes symptoms and horrible complications, including amputation, blindness, and ultimately death can be managed and supported with additional nitric oxide, and vitamin D3 according to the research. Certainly, its prevention as one of the leading causes of death should be motivation enough to supplement needed natural ingredients to alleviate this condition. When the blood chemistry improves in the body, including the A1C inflammation marker, then you know that nitric oxide and its companion D3 are making an impact.


The immune system is the basis of protecting and healing the body. Vitamin D 3 is now regularly accepted as one of the best ways to build your immune system. Over 80% of the population in America are vitamin D deficient. If your D levels are higher than 50, your odds of avoiding influenza go up significantly. My experience has been the relative guess work with the flu strains over the past decade, and low effective rates from year to year, motivate me to build my immune system with nitric oxide delivering vitamin D3, and having the best odds in my favor. (I haven’t had the flu in over a decade and travel extensively and meet with sick people all the time, and Cardio Miracle has been my best protection from my experience.)

Kidney Disease

Renal failure often associated with diabetes and other chronic illness is significantly impacted by blood vessel health, as the kidney is mainly a large organ of vessels doing a difficult job of filtration and elimination. Research is coming forth about the relationship between renal failure, kidney function, and nitric oxide. It is once again critical and clinically validated.

I have a special friend, now 82, who with nitric oxide has had remarkable renal function improvement over two years, though she was once facing dialysis in the coming months. Her doctor is astonished, as she was told it was irreversible medically. It is interesting how if we support the body with the nutrients and nitric oxide supplementation many of us need, remarkable, even miraculous things can happen. Kidney disease like other causes is on the rise, and nitric oxide and vitamin D are extremely helpful.

Suicide (Self-inflicted Injuries)

The last of the top ten causes of death is one of the most devastating for the loved ones of the victim. It is shocking that over 100,000 veterans have committed suicide in the last 20 years. The exposure to the trauma of war, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, psychotropic drugs, opioids, and lack of support have seriously affected our veterans.

Many other suicides result from depression, and anxiety and depression drugs. Vitamin D3, also known as the sunshine vitamin, can help. It is a natural anti-depressant and is clinically proven to assist many with their addictive dependencies and needs for multiple prescriptions and their overlapping side effects.

Suicides and attempted suicides could be reduced with adequate vitamin D3 levels and boosting the oxygen and other multitude of benefits that nitric oxide supplementation can provide.


What is more important than your life? Is it worth $2-3 a day to prevent or alleviate the top ten causes of death? Would it be worth it for your spouse, your parents, or other family members? It seems simple to me as a priority and a choice before our lives are shortened by chronic disease, disability and death. Do the research, do the blood work, take the challenge to test Cardio Miracle , the only clinically-tested, at that cellular level, nitric oxide supplement in the world. See if its numerous benefits can improve the quality and add years to your existence and relationships.

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