Contributed by John B. Hewlett, Founder and Formulator of Cardio Miracle.

In 2015, at the International Stroke Conference, research was presented that showed that adequate levels of Vitamin D reduced stroke risk by 50% or more, and also impacted the recovery dependence and functionality.

A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine, by leading researcher, Dr. Tadeusz Malinski of Ohio State University, shows the reparative effect Vitamin D has on the cells lining the surface of the blood vessels throughout the body and how it serves an essential regulatory function.

The study also found Vitamin D reduces oxidative stress by stimulating Nitric Oxide concentration, which increases circulation and blood flow and protects blood vessels from the damaging effects of chronic conditions.  Vitamin D is known to prevent so many serious conditions from osteoporosis to depression. Now studies are showing a correlation between low Vitamin D levels and heart attack. Malinski cautions, “It doesn’t mean that the deficiency caused the heart attack, but it increased the risk of heart attack.”

Not many, if any, ingredients can repair damaged endothelial cells. This is great news for people that suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure or those that have had heart attacks or strokes.

Nitric Oxide Assists Delivery of Nutrients

Nitric Oxide is the most important molecule produced in our cardiovascular system. In fact, loss of the production of Nitric Oxide is recognized as one of the earliest events in the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease. From high blood pressure, heart failure, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke, Nitric Oxide plays an essential role in combatting all these conditions.

In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists for discovering the value of Nitric Oxide to improve blood flow, oxygen levels, and capillary health. Logic and subsequent studies (thousands of them), have shown increasing Nitric Oxide and sustaining it 24/7 in the body has a significant impact on capillary health, vessel relaxation, dilation, (blood pressure), and more efficient absorption of nutrients – like Vitamin D – in the mitochondria.

It is important to eat foods containing high amounts of Vitamin D3 and in addition take a quality Vitamin D3 supplement. Look for fatty fish like salmon, sardines, oysters and egg yolks. Health experts recommend a therapeutic daily dose that is higher than the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which places their recommended dose at 600 IU and 800 IU for people over 70. NIH does clarify dosing by adding the “tolerable upper intake level” at 40000 IU for adults over 19.

Cardio Miracle’s advanced Nitric Oxide supplement contains the highest quality Vitamin D3 at 1500 IU per serving. Two servings a day will give you 3000 IU well below the upper intake level and at a therapeutic dose to lower the risk of heart attack, depression and osteoporosis. Cardio Miracle also contains vitamin K2 which is critically important to take in conjunction with Vitamin D because of D’s function to aid calcium absorption. Vitamin K2 prevents calcium from entering organ and blood vessels and shuttles it to the bones where it belongs.

Cardio Miracle also delivers specific amino acids in proper ratios so the body will trigger Nitric Oxide production which also assists in the repair of the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin D3 and Nitric Oxide production stimulating ingredients are the perfect combination, and now we have the science that proves it.


My Wife’s Personal Vitamin D3 Story

Six years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I married Janet Duffin (the best relationship decision of my lifetime).  Janet is now 61. When we married, she was on multiple medications and took many supplements, yet her Vitamin D level remained at chronically low levels – in the 30-32 range. Although she was consistently ill, Janet fought through her anxiety and suffering courageously.

After taking Cardio Miracle for two years, her Vitamin D3 level had increased to 82, her fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms are now gone, and she has been off the addictive medications – and their toxic side effects – that she had been taking for over 25 years. Her family and friends are shocked and thrilled at her improved health, vitality, and quality of life. She was always beautiful inside and out, but now has her life and health back. She is enjoying her children, my children, and our combined 17 grandchildren in this important chapter of life as GRANDPARENTS!

Next to my own miracle from stimulating my Nitric Oxide with Cardio Miracle and helping me avoid the complications of heart disease and related conditions that took my dad’s life at 62, my grandfather’s at 66, my uncle’s at 57, my aunt‘s at 67, and my cousin’s at 49, Janet is my own Valentine’s Day Cardio Miracle story and blessing.


Harvard M.D., Entertainer Jason Hewlett, and Others Tell Their Stories

Harvard and Cambridge-trained biochemist and medical doctor, Dr. Joshua Helman, past Director of the world-recognized Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida wrote, “Cardio Miracle improved my Vitamin D levels significantly in several months. It is without question the finest, highest quality supplement I have ever taken or studied. My blood pressure has gone to normal. I no longer require medication, and all my significant blood chemistry readings have improved significantly. I take it twice a day, and no longer need to take handfuls of less effective supplements and have eliminated prescription drugs.”

Jason Hewlett, nationally acclaimed entertainer, Hall of Fame Speaker, and my oldest son, recently posted this on his blog, “Cardio Miracle has helped me to conquer jet lag and helps my voice to recover from imitating 150 various voices in speeches given every couple of days. I also have been able to avoid getting seasonal illnesses after being exposed, sometimes hundreds of times each day, in my travels and my busy life as a father. I don’t take it because my dad developed it, I take it because it works.  Nothing else has helped me more in maintaining my health and demanding schedule.”


Ken Shelton, a 72-year old internationally renowned author, editor, and co-author with Stephen R. Covey of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” wrote, “I have never endorsed a commercial health product or sold one. Cardio Miracle has been the best nutritional gift I have ever received. It has given me my life back in my late 60’s. My neuropathy and energy have improved so much that I am back on the golf course, off all medications, and feel better than I have in years.”

Karen Mitterholzer from Ohio wrote, “Thank you for giving my mother and me our lives back by developing this wonderful supplement, Cardio Miracle. I never thought I would see my darling mother be vibrant and mobile again after her numerous heart and health-related problems. My years as a flight attendant had taken its toll on my feet and given me neuropathy, and now I’m virtually pain-free at work. We both feel better than we have in years and are so grateful to have learned of this product.”

Dr. Bruce Nelson of Big Fork Montana wrote, “I went to a neurologist for an evaluation a year after a life-threatening and debilitating stroke.  During my rehab, I was introduced to Cardio Miracle and began taking 2-4 servings a day.  Now, over four years later, physicians are amazed at my condition and view the changes I experienced as a miracle.  Cardio Miracle has been a part of that miracle, I won’t go a day without it, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”


Get Cardio Miracle Today and Write Your Own Story

Because I saw the benefits of Nitric Oxide in my healing, I wanted to formulate the best possible Nitric Oxide supplement on the market, so I intensified my own study of the benefits of Nitric Oxide and the best ways to naturally supplement its production.  The result of my ongoing research is Cardio Miracle.

Cardio Miracle’s proprietary dual-pathway delivery combines the most comprehensive research on Nitric Oxide activation with L-Arginine, Citrulline, Ornithine, Carnitine, Taurine, and Ribose. In addition to these amino acids, we have combined organic beet root powder, hawthorn berry, watermelon extract, and Astragin to deliver and extend Nitric Oxide through the sublingual oral pathway and stimulate the production in the arterial lining. When Cardio Miracle is taken as directed, this dual pathway delivery saturates your system with Nitric Oxide 24 hours per day.

I continue to refine the Cardio Miracle formulation as I learned more because I’m on a mission to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and a host of other life-impairing diseases. What surprises me is people who won’t see the benefits of even trying Cardio Miracle.  If you’ll try it, we’re convinced you’ll like it because you’ll see real results.

I know from my own experience and the thousands of inspiring stories I’ve heard since

creating Cardio Miracle that if you begin a daily Cardio Miracle regimen, you’ll have your own story to tell about improved health.  I can’t wait to hear it!

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