The following was contributed by John Hewlett. 

My Own Journey and The Creation of Cardio Miracle™

On July 24, 2007, at age 55, I was rushed to the emergency room with acute appendicitis. During the emergency surgery my vital signs were at dangerous levels that triggered potential cardiac failure. I nearly died multiple times, but thankfully survived several significant medical and medication errors that could have been fatal. I awakened from the surgery to the fact that I was facing the tragic ending my father, uncle, grandfather, and other male relatives had fallen victim to – heart failure at a far too young age.

My Resolve

Unwilling to face another emergency surgery with dire consequences and unwilling to medicate myself to death, I knew it was time to take charge of my health and medical choices. When I set out to find a natural alternative, I felt a strong resolve, and then the “peace of God, which passeth all understanding” and knew that I would find a better answer somehow – something better than the recommended heart procedures and medications, with the enormous risks I deeply felt could be crippling and ultimately fatal.

While recovering from my appendectomy, I was told by a trusted friend about a health supplement based on the breakthrough discovery that resulted in the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to three scientists in 1998 for their discovery of nitric oxide’s role as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. I acted on his advice and began taking the nitric oxide supplement.

The Nitric Oxide Miracle

After just 90 days, my blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues were improving.  This turning point led me to leave a lucrative and successful financial career and embark on a mission to help others transform their lives as I had mine.

I met with scientists, doctors, and nutritionists and ultimately decided that a world class, clinically validated formulation of a nitric oxide supplement was the most important thing I could contribute to the world over the remaining years of my life. In 2014, life-transforming Cardio Miracle™ was first produced.  Since that time, I’ve continued to research, refine, and recommend Cardio Miracle™ to my family and friends, like Scot and Maurine Proctor.  Scot’s and Maurine’s satisfaction with Cardio Miracle™ results convinced them to recommend Cardio Miracle™ to you.  If you’ll act on our recommendation, we believe you’ll see results like we and thousands of others have experienced. Go to to hear Scot talk about the results he has realized with Cardio Miracle™.


Read what my friend Ken Shelton of Orem, Utah, Leadership Excellence publisher and the co-creator of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, wrote about his success supplementing with our product:

“For me, Cardio Miracle™ has been the perfect gift. It did for me in one year more than conventional medicine has done in 40 years. The neuropathy in my fingers and feet is gone. I sleep better, am healthier, stronger, have great clarity and energy. I have never endorsed any product before, but this one is an exception. Try it, and you will find what I have found.”


Recent COVID-19 Research Shows Nitric Oxide May Devastate the Corona Flu Virus

In early April, when governments at all levels were shutting down the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic, research was being conducted to “harness the power of nitric oxide.”   A company organized in Canada by a Vancouver medical doctor and an Israeli Ph.D. biochemist is studying nitric oxide for its potential to treat a variety of diseases.  The company has been issued a patent for its nitric oxide releasing solution and has phase II efficacy studies being evaluated by Health Canada. The company is working also with the U.S. Federal Drug Administration for “Emergency Utilization Authorization in adults with an emphasis on availability for healthcare workers” and has filed an Investigational New Drug application to allow a clinical trial in the United States.  Some of this company’s research is being conducted at Utah State University’s Institute for Antiviral Research.

Another company located in Utah has patented a technology to deliver precision doses of nitric oxide for wound care and to treat those suffering from malaria, COPD, tuberculosis, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

This work is consistent with findings by hundreds of researchers since the 1990s when nitric oxide was declared “Molecule of the Year” in 1992 and in 1998 when the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists for their efforts in discovery of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

Since that time, study after study – adding up now to over 100,000 scholarly articles – have confirmed the benefits of nitric oxide.  One example is the study by a professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve University that was published online five years ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.  The researchers demonstrated that nitric oxide is essential for the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues that need it.

An April 5, 2020 article in the Los Angeles Times chronicled various studies performed at hospitals across the United States and in other countries to test nitric oxide in patients with mild to moderate cases of the Corona flu, now being labeled as COVID-19.  The LA Times article reported that “nitric oxide is naturally generated by 60 trillion cells that line our blood vessels, and by some brain cells as well.  It helps regulate blood pressure, engulfs invading toxins, prevents platelets in the blood from forming clots, and signals” the arrival of food for digestion.  Studies are being performed at hospitals across the United States and in other countries to test nitric oxide in patients with mild to moderate cases of the Corona flu, now being labeled as COVID-19.  The LA Times article reported that “nitric oxide is naturally generated by 60 trillion cells that line our blood vessels, and by some brain cells as well.  It helps regulate blood pressure, engulfs invading toxins, prevents platelets in the blood from forming clots, and signals” the arrival of food for digestion.

The LA Times article further reported on the use of nitric oxide to “rescue oxygen-starved newborns with congenital heart defects,” stating that with the use of nitric oxide, “the babies go from blue to pink before your eyes.”  A doctor at Mass General Hospital in Boston said, nitric oxide gas administered after heart surgery to prevent the lungs from stiffening is “a pretty remarkable drug…It has a risk profile that is minimal.”

Does It Kill Corona Virus?

Increasing attention is being paid to the possibility of using nitric oxide to attack the coronavirus.  The LA Times report stated that in 2004, “researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium discovered yet another property of nitric oxide:  It killed coronaviruses.”

Because of my own years of research, what others are writing today doesn’t surprise me – in fact it’s thrilling to see the scientific community validate what I’ve experienced in the last 13 years using Cardio Miracle™ and hearing of the successes of others who have experienced their own health miracles.

A University of Utah scientist wrote on June 14, 2020 that COVID-19 is an endothelial disease, as asserted by Swiss scientists investigating the infection of the endothelium after performing an autopsy on a COVID-19 casualty.  The Utah scientist wrote:

“Trials are in fact investigating the utility of supplemental nitric oxide across the country.  This is largely based on a study that came from the SARS outbreak in 2003, in which (patients) given nitric oxide via mechanical ventilation had improved oxygenation and earlier hospital discharge.”

Another study has shown the specific antiviral effects of nitric oxide on Sars-CoV-1.  “Research conducted at Utah State University has demonstrated nitric oxide to be viricidal against Sars-CoV-2 in vitro.” The Canadian company mentioned above is “exploring the application of a nitric oxide solution to the nasopharynx as a preventative measure.”  This study indicates that inhaled nitric oxide therapies may be promising, but they fall short in not addressing the deficiencies of poor nitric oxide production at the vascular level, which is what Cardio Miracle™ is designed to promote.

Partnering with You Through Meridian Magazine

Because I saw the benefits of nitric oxide in my healing, I wanted to formulate the best possible nitric oxide supplement on the market, so I intensified my own study of the benefits of nitric oxide and the best ways to naturally supplement its production.  The result of my ongoing research is Cardio Miracle™, and I continued to refine the Cardio Miracle™ formulation as I learned more because I’m on a mission to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and a host of other life-impairing diseases. What surprises me is people who won’t see the benefits of even trying Cardio Miracle™.  If you’ll try it, we’re convinced you’ll like it because you’ll see real results!

Cardio Miracle has partnered with Meridian Magazine to make our nitric oxide supplement available to Meridian Magazine subscribers at a 15% discount.  We’ll even bear the cost of shipping if you enroll in our auto-ship program.   For a few dollars per day you can start receiving the benefits of nitric oxide supplementation using the best product on the market today.  We want to partner with you to help you achieve your own health goals.  You can learn more about us, our product, and our miracles at


How to Increase Your Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide production is essential for your overall health because it allows blood, nutrients, and oxygen to travel to every part of your body effectively and efficiently.  In fact, a limited capacity to produce nitric oxide is associated with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, dementia Alzheimer’s, and erectile dysfunction.  Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve optimal levels of nitric oxide in your body. Here are five great ways for you to increase and maintain your nitric oxide production naturally:

  1. Eat lots of vegetables high in nitrates such as beetroot, celery, lettuce, spinach, and arugula. And have seconds!
  2. Increase your intake of antioxidants, molecules that neutralize free radicals that shorten the life of the nitric oxide you produce. Antioxidants are found in all foods but are found primarily in foods of plant origin like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.  Important antioxidants include vitamins C and E, polyphenols, and glutathione.  Vegetables high in nitrates are also inherently high in antioxidants.

  1. Limit your use of mouthwash that destroys beneficial bacteria that convert nitrate to nitric oxide. I recommend that instead of using mouthwash, swish Cardio Miracle™ in your mouth before swallowing to stimulate the production of nitric oxide.
  2. Get your blood circulating with regular exercise. Nitric oxide is produced in your endothelium, the thin layer of cells that line the blood vessels, and exercise improves endothelial function.  The benefits of exercise on endothelial health can be seen in a few weeks of regular exercise for 30 minutes a day three times per week.  For best results combine aerobic exercise with resistance training.  Always consult your medical doctor before beginning an exercise regimen to determine any limitations you may have and develop an exercise routine that you enjoy and will engage in long term.
  3. Because you can’t possibly get enough vegetables and antioxidants in your diet, even with heaping helpings of seconds, supplement with Cardio Miracle™. It’s the highest quality nitric oxide-boosting supplement on the market. It’s simply the best!  Cardio Miracle™ includes a nitric oxide blend of essential amino acids including l-arginine and l-citrulline, a fruit and vegetable phytonutrient blend, an antioxidant blend, and key vitamins with a special emphasis on vitamin D3.

Cardio Miracle™’s own scientific study, conducted at the University of Ohio by a well-respected scientist who is one of the pioneers in nitric oxide research and understanding, demonstrated that our Cardio Miracle™ formula boosts nitric oxide production and sustains the increased production over a 24-hour period.  You can trust the science behind this study and the 100,000+ articles that tout the benefits of nitric oxide.

When you use Cardio Miracle™ daily you’ll see results.  The boost in nitric oxide will boost your energy and wellbeing as it has done for thousands of our satisfied customers.

Dr. Bruce Nelson of Big Fork, Montana wrote me about his results using Cardio Miracle™:

“I went to a neurologist for an evaluation a year after a life threatening and debilitating stroke. During my rehab, I was introduced to Cardio Miracle™ and began taking 2-4 servings a day. Now, over 4 years later, physicians are amazed at my condition and view the changes I experienced as a miracle. Cardio Miracle™ has been a part of that miracle, I won’t go a day without it, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly!” 

And neither can I!

Your health is worth millions to you and can be improved for just a few dollars a day.  Visit to read more and then experience for yourself what Scot and Maurine Proctor and others you know and trust have experienced using Cardio Miracle™.

Trust the science, trust the ingredients, and trust the results – trust Cardio Miracle™ to deliver the results you hope to achieve!