It was with a heavy heart that Sister Barbara Lee of Kensington, Maryland. left the office of the Washington D.C. Temple that fall day of 2006.  She’d just turned 85 and had hoped to continue her full-time service as a worker at the temple until she passed away – whenever that might be!

Instead, the Temple President, with tears in his eyes, told her they were worried about her falling and the strain of the long days on her increasingly frail body, riddled with osteoporosis and arthritis.  It was time to retire.

She moved in with her daughter, Susan, in New England, determined to take this new, dreaded change in stride. Unknown to her daughter Susan, however, were more health problems that she hadn’t told anyone about: crippling acid reflux and extreme constipation that were huge and daily challenges! The constipation left her without any movement for days, then an explosive bowel movement with no warning and a horrible, embarrassing mess. She was on eleven different herbal products and terrified of what was coming next.

Exhausted from the move and aware that she could no longer hide her health problems, she retreated to sleep – often in a fetal position – to avoid the pain she was in, the humiliating bathroom accidents and the reality that perhaps her days of independence were over.  She gave away her luggage.

Several months later, several states away, another daughter and her husband had stumbled onto an unusual health product — one that this daughter was most unimpressed with.  “I’ve never seen so many typos on a website!”  Carolyn said with a laugh. Her husband Bob, however, with a sense of purpose and optimism said, “Who knows! Sometimes herbal things like this really work! It says it helps stomach issues – and even mental clarity! And constipation! What have we got to lose?  Maybe it’ll help your Mom!”

It was affordable, so they bought some to try themselves and Barbara was agreeable.  When the small herbal packets arrived, it turned out that the pamphlets had more typos than the website, but the drink was quite tasty!  Barbara began clearing out all kinds of things from her bowels. Bob’s blood pressure (he’d just started a new prescription) went down.  Carolyn lost several pounds and her afternoon sugar cravings. Wow! What was this product? They all felt lighter, cleaner and just “better!”

By the end of 30 days, Barbara’s acid reflux was entirely gone and she could eat again! Her bowels had cleared and now she had 10-15 minutes warning to get to the bathroom!  Her brain fog also cleared as her arthritis and pain decreased.  Her energy skyrocketed.  Several months later, amazing her doctor with her health improvements, she borrowed some luggage and headed out to Utah to attend a grandchild’s wedding and stay with family there.  She spent the next ten years drinking this marvelous product.  Her acid reflux never returned. She did thousands of names for the Extraction program and blessed countless lives with her happy, joyful ways and testimony.  This product changed her life and she began telling everyone she knew about it (even in song)!

Hers wasn’t the only life it changed: Bob and Carolyn, loving the product themselves, found a way to share this product online through the little company they had first laughed at. They built a website,, and soon others were having the same experience Barbara and they had enjoyed! In 2011, they were able to make special arrangements with the owner of the product to have their own business name attached to it.

My Miracle Detox was officially born! What a wonderful time they had designing the brochures and labels that adequately honored this marvelous product … with no typos!

What is this amazing product?

Created by a gifted doctor in the mid-80’s, My Miracle Detox (often called My Miracle Tea) is a unique combination of herbs that work together to clear the body of foreign matters and toxins.  These are toxins that every one of us acquire in our modern world that is filled with pollutants of every kind, whether we’re aware of it or not. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat and the plastics we touch, and the soaps and cosmetics that we use constantly, these toxins are something our ancestors never dreamed of! Our bodies, so divinely designed, were never programmed for the vast array of toxins we acquire every day.

Common problems like constipation, digestion issues, bloating and belly bulging are prominent indicators; so are skin conditions and respiratory issues, like hay fever and allergies.

The medicinal herbs that make up the tea each work individually to address these issues, but the real power is when they come together!


Malva leaves, marshmallow roots and leaves, persimmon leaves, blessed thistle and holy thistle leaves, ginger and chamomile are superstars with indigestion and constipation … but end up doing far more!

Immediately after sharing this product online with Carolyn’s readers for her weight loss columns, stories like Barbara’s started flooding her email in box!  People found help with not just stomach and bowel issues, but swelling problems cleared up! Those with Crohn’s found a way to manage their flare-ups much more easily.  Individuals on heavy, constipating drugs for various health conditions found that the drink addressed made their lives immeasurably easier!

People with nail fungus problems were surprised to see healthy, beautiful nails grow in, while those with hay fever and allergies enjoyed finally being able to get out and enjoy the flowers!  Some people even reported improved vision and better hair!

It turns out that a clean colon, means clean blood flowing to all organs and systems.  Doctors tell us that the colon is truly the mother of our bodies and, as the saying goes, “When Mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy!”

It was a great joy when Meridian writer, Darla Isackson, placed an order in 2011. Although Carolyn didn’t know her personally, she’d followed this inspiring woman for years on Meridian Magazine. Carolyn was thrilled. Several months later, Darla called and told her that the tea was a product she’d been looking for her entire life!

She shared her touching story and the lifetime health problems that had resulted. She’d been badly burned as a toddler with a pan of scalding milk her mother had been holding (little Darla bumped into her and she was severely burned over much of her body). She nearly died, but the antibiotics they used saved her life. Unfortunately, the antibiotics destroyed her gut balance and health. Extreme constipation was her lot in life …. Until My Miracle Detox.

Eventually, Darla was able to share her experiences with this product on Meridian Magazine and became a poster child.  The response from Meridian readers in 2013 was huge.  Many who ordered then are still customers at the end of 2019, nearly seven years later. Meridian and Brother and Sister Allen became corporate partners, sharing this product with Meridian’s many readers.

As more and more people had access to this product, more and more happy results were reported. Missionaries in foreign lands no longer experienced indigestion and stomach problems. They came home as healthy and whole as the day they had left. Seniors were able to enjoy their grandchildren in new ways with increased energy and vitality. Especially inspiring are the stories that continue to come in about how the tea helps AFTER surgery in getting the bowels rejuvenated and moving.

At this time, thousands of Meridian readers have improved their health, their energy, their stamina and their vitality. They are no longer constipated and frustrated. Their skin glows, and their lives are brighter and happier.

Eventually Dr. Craig Frogley, another Meridian writer, wrote a scholarly article about what this product does for the body, “The Cause, Condition, Symptom Chain.” We encourage readers to enjoy his wise words HERE.

Thank you My Miracle Detox! Thank you, dear Heavenly Father for the herbs that make this product possible and the brilliant doctor who put it together.

It truly is a miracle for many and a gift from God. The Book of Mormon speaks “of the excellent qualities of the many plants and roots which God had prepared to remove the cause of diseases,” (Alma 46:40) and those who love this product will attest to it.